About Carol

Movement has always played an important part in my life.

Originally, I trained as a ballet dancer, but following a back injury I turned to Pilates and I was hooked from day one! Pilates helped me make a full recovery, and in 2008 I took the opportunity to retrain as an instructor. I wanted others to experience the many benefits of Pilates too.

When looking to retrain, I carefully selected the best Pilates training methods, starting with Stott Pilates for mat work and then advancing to Polestar Pilates for my studio certification. These two training methods gave me a thorough knowledge of anatomy, which is essential for understanding how the body is designed to move and why it sometimes becomes imbalanced, creating pain and discomfort. In my classes I aim to redress poor movement patterns and restore pain free movement, with the aid of small props in my mat classes or the use of the specialist equipment in the studio sessions.

I continue to explore the world of movement and learn from other movement disciplines, whether it is a Feldenkrais or Franklin method workshop, or studying with Anatomy Trains in Motion. As a result, my classes are always varied, whether I’m teaching in a group mat class or in the Tunbridge Wells studio on the Pilates equipment. We often have a giggle too! That’s perhaps why many of my clients have been with me for years.

I’m passionate about Pilates because it worked for me. I practice regularly and enjoy enthusing my clients with that same desire to improve their mobility, strength and balance.