Why Pilates?

The many benefits of Pilates are well documented, and its reputation has grown hugely in recent years. So why is it so popular?

It’s for every body

Whether you are a sports person wanting to improve your performance, a sedentary professional looking to improve your posture or a retiree keen to keep active, Pilates is relevant for everyone. It can be gentle but effective in improving mobility and balance in the older population, or challenging and energising for the more able. Pilates is for everyone, but its benefits become more vital as we age.

Improves posture, ease of movement and coordination

Building better body awareness, or proprioception, is the first step in improving posture. Understanding what good posture is gives the client the ability to correct themselves so that better movement becomes a habit. With improved posture, movement is more fluid, and the body works more efficiently, with less effort required to keep you balanced and coordinated.

Helps recovery from injury and improves mobility for sufferers of many conditions

People often come to Pilates after an injury, particularly back problems, as it is a very effective tool for rehabilitation. It can build muscular strength and improve bone density to provide better support for the body. It also helps to maintain good mobility for many conditions brought on with age such as arthritis, as well as improving strength for those with other joint conditions.

Versatile for your needs

Pilates is incredibly adaptable, whether in a studio on the equipment, in a group mat class or privately in the home. It can suit most budgets as it can be highly effective with even the minimum of equipment.

“Carol has taught me Pilates in a small group for at least 6 years. It has helped me immensely to keep supple whilst enjoying the serious stretching combined with care and giggles. I can’t recommend her classes enough. She has always been professional and her enthusiasm for Pilates is boundless.” – Sarah Andrews (Tunbridge Wells)

“Carol has been fantastic at helping me understand my body better and how it moves. The classes are always challenging but enjoyable, and have a good level of individual help.” – Karen